What We Do


No need is too small and no voice is too quiet to be heard. We will devote the time and energy necessary to educate & be educated, advocate & empower.


Several hundreds people volunteer for us each year and make the difference in the lives of thousands. Find out how to become our partner.


We are very serious about our support programs. We have deemed it necessary to provide support, volunteer and make contributions to organizations that empower our communities.


James Toussaint

Working in Haiti was supposed to be a short-term commitment, but it became a life-long journey. I'm so fortunate to be here, partnering with some of the most passionate and driven philanthropists on the globe. Looking to make poverty history on the island.


1997 - James Toussaint invested in 1st tractor to develop a project in Agriculture.
2001 - 7 trips to Haiti for the purposes of Research and Development.
2005 - New Haiti grows to host 1st annual Christmas party in Cite Soleil for more than 2,500 children.
2012 - James Toussaint recognizes the lack of job opportunities in Haiti. With his his background in business/job development; He goes to full-time Haiti opportunity advocate. & with several projects breaking ground and on the books, James Toussaint, the New HaitiTeam, Volunteers, Partners and Investors seem ready to make poverty history in Haiti; inside 8 years.


Our Leaders

Tammy Leiva

Her background in Healthcare and social media helps us reach people one tweet at at time

Marie Almonor

Our Chief Community Manager spends her time making a difference one person at a time..

Woldy Toussaint

Our Chief Of Sponsorship makes sure we're where people need to hear