New-Haiti Challenge

Welcome to the vision for New-Haiti! We invite you to dream BIGGER and imagine a New and improved Haiti where the people have a voice, their basic needs are met, and their life has new meaning and purpose. Our goal is to bring awareness to the world while providing inspiration and hope to the Haitian people as we create products and resources that are educational, informative and offer a promise for a brighter future in New-Haiti. 

James Toussaint, together with Game Developer and Moderator, Rebecca Harmon, and her son, Joshua Harmon (also a Game Developer), have their first exciting project being launched in January: The New-Haiti Challenge Card Game! This game is just one of many thrilling new endeavors about to unfold in the days ahead for all of New-Haiti to embrace, share, and enjoy! May God be glorified in the process! 

Rebecca Harmon is a highly favored part of our team here at New-Haiti Enterprises! She is also president of Rebecca Harmon Coaching. Rebecca passionately serves with her whole heart as a Motivational Business and Empowerment Coach, Marketing Expert, Online Virtual Events Coordinator, Creative Copywriter, Web Designer, Graphic Designer, Public Speaker, and is happy to be a New-Haiti woman.

Our New-Haiti Woman Ambassadors: Al Vojtila (Drag Racer & Financial Planner), Emily Boyd (Actress & Model @emilyoffical), and Lena JL (Actress, Model, Philanthropist, Entrepreneur @fouschet)