“Together, We Are Strong”

New Haiti is an organization that serves the people of Haiti by creating infrastructure for job security, financial stability, and quality of life so the people of Haiti can stay in their beautiful homeland and thrive. New Haiti also assists migrants who have left Haiti and are trying to assimilate into a new country. In keeping with Haiti’s motto, “Together, we are strong,” The New Haiti Project believes it will take a coalition to meet the needs of the Haitian people. For this reason, New Haiti networks with other organizations serving the people of Haiti to help those organizations meet their missions and expand. Through our “Haiti Growth Project” initiative, we continue to vet and engage new partners.

We are currently inviting investors, corporations, nonprofits, and individual donors to join our vision. We also encourage young people to become involved with New Haiti by contributing their resources and skill-sets, and to be the change we all wish to see in Haiti.

A Glimpse into Haiti

Haiti’s development has been hindered by natural disasters and political instability, creating grounds for increased poverty and volatility. Despite the many challenges over the years, the people of Haiti remain resilient.

New Haiti wants to create systemic structures to support the people. The following paragraphs offer a glimpse into the beautiful Haiti we seek to restore.


Once the most famous place of interest in the Caribbean, Haiti is home to miles of stunning seashores and gem blue waters. The travel/ tourism industry is the major cash contributor to the GDP in Haiti. An excursion to Haiti can uphold the nation’s economy and help stabilize the island country.

Stunning Mountains

Moreso than other spots in the Caribbean, Haiti is home to a greater number of mountains, some of which are encircled by water. Sightseers enjoy a view of the mountains while they relax alongside the sea, absorbing the simultaneous beauty of both geological vistas.

Delicious Cuisine

Fresh, basic, and regional, Haiti’s cooking draws its flavor palette from the numerous societies that have played a part in the country. Comparable to Creole and most Latin Caribbean food, Haitian food is bold, spicy, and uniquely derived and adapted from the influence of the African, French, Spanish, Arab, and indigenous Taino cultures that have populated Haiti. Popular dishes include Haitian rice topped with beans glazed ina spicy tomato marinade and meat. Typical seasonings include scotch bonnet peppers,onions, garlic, and lemon.

A dramatic Story

Haiti occupies the western half of the island of Hispaniola, a product of French colonialism. The other half of the island is home to the Dominican Republic, a product of Spanish colonialism. Subjugated Africans of Haiti effectively revolted and, in 1804, made the country the world’s first free republic of Black people.

Haiti’s symbol for this freedom is the country’s signature dish, Soup Joumou, or pumpkin soup, eaten by Haitians around the world on January 1st to celebrate the anniversary of Independence from French colonizers who had once forbidden Haitian slaves to eat the delicacy and reserved it only for the white masters.

Our Motto: “We Are The Generation To Build The New Haiti”

The New Haiti Team is creating a resurgence in Haiti. We hope to end the long-suffering the people of Haiti have endured in recent decades. With your help, we seek to change the trajectory of life in Haiti forever.

Haiti Growth Project Initiative

New Haiti partners with organizations on the ground in Haiti and works to connect them. We have identified a need for a communication network between these organizations. For example, New Haiti became aware of an organization that was looking for chairs for a school, while another organization had chairs in storage with no building for the chairs to be used. Neither organization knew about the other. New Haiti worked to connect them. Our goal is to establish and expand a social media site or internet hub where Haitian organizations can post their needs and communicate.

Another way New Haiti operates is to act as a point of contact and dispensary. For example, when New Haiti receives a donation specified to be used for masks, we identify a clinic in need of money for masks and send that money directly to the clinic.

Your donation will help us build and expand the communication infrastructure to help those organizations on the ground in Haiti. If you possess skills in social media development and would like to volunteer your time, we welcome your assistance.

Job Development Initiative

To address the root cause of migration, New Haiti helps people find jobs in Haiti so that they don’t need to migrate.

Through our Web Enabled Labor Around the World (WELAW) initiative, we find placement for job seekers all over the world. For those who have already migrated, we help find them jobs so that they can start their new life.

If you are an employer or a business wanting to open an office at our branch in Haiti, or have remote work available, please contact us.

Sustainable Economic Development

Haiti government continues its efforts to achieve macroeconomic stability and set up a legal framework for reasonable private sector-led and market-based economic growth. The Government of Haiti aims to raise Haiti into an emerging economy by 2030.

These growth goals align with New Haiti’s goals for creating sustainable infrastructure.

Haiti’s government has chosen tourism, agriculture, construction, energy, and manufacturing as key investment areas, and backs sector-focused investment improvement, public spending, and distinct financial regions.

While these are important investment areas that need attention, New Haiti additionally recognizes that the Haitian Government has failed to include a gender perspective. The Government’s initiatives exclude women’s health, safety, well-being, and financial security.

Haiti’s business climate offers women only limited opportunities. Women are overlooked by entrepreneurs and local and foreign investors under Haitian law. We are expeditiously working to change this.

A Women’s Movement

In an atmosphere of entrenched frailty and mounting violence, Haitian women, the backbone of Haitian society and economy, face inconceivable difficulties. While Haitian women may uphold the majority of Haiti’s economic responsibilities and keep families together on a national scale, throughout history they have been subjugated to a subordinate societal standing and have been marginalized politically, socially, and economically. Haitian women have long faced an epidemic of gender-based violence. They earn less than half of men’s wages, and most work in the informal sector.

Numerous women work as domestic laborers or cook food to sell on the street. In addition to their work in the casual areas, women run most households in Haiti. They spend an inordinate amount of time carrying water from public faucets or other sources due to the absence of a framework. They also prepare meals for their children, wash laundry, and work to earn enough money to put food on the table each day.

New Haiti’s goals include creating safe and more equitable living and working conditions for women by working closely with Haitian women’s groups. If you have interest in the area of gender equity, and/or are connected with a Haitian women’s organization, please contact us.


The COVID-19 pandemic has created disruption around the world, including Haiti, resulting in a major setback for Haitians. Already vulnerable in many aspects, Haitians’ living conditions in all layers of society have become more complicated due to the coronavirus.

Children especially are in need of support. An overlooked population, children often don’t get adequate food, clean water, or proper therapy when they are sick.

If you’d like to donate to offset Covid setbacks, we welcome your financial contributions or the volunteering of your skill-sets.

Investment Opportunities

New Haiti has opportunities for investors in the areas of transportation, farming, sports, tourism, leisure, apparel, and entertainment. Contact New Haiti directly to discuss these opportunities in more detail.

A Vision for What is Possible

If our organization meets our goals by creating a working coalition and solid infrastructure, we will manifest our vision for New Haiti, a thriving Haiti; one in which Haiti’s legislation encourages foreign direct investment; where their import and export procedures allow for everyone to be treated in the same way and are not centered on race or any single ethnic group; where women comprise a large percentage of the seats in the judicial, legislative, and administrative systems; where foreign investors have the rights, privileges, and protections under the investment code; where jobs are readily available, and Haitians can live in safety, dignity, and financial security.

The Haitian Government has made some progress in recent years to improve the legal system, create and strengthen core public institutions, and enhance economic governance. New Haiti wants to continue with this momentum and take it many steps further.

Haiti is a unique country with natural beauty and resilient people that have faced much hardship from years of political instability and natural disasters. With the right infrastructures in place, and a strong coalition, Haiti will thrive.

To learn more about New Haiti and our team, movement, initiatives, and ways to contribute, please visit our website at for more details.

We thank you for your interest and support.